What Is New Brahmin?

New Brahmin creates a much-needed home for fashion, style, and shopping news in the Boston area. With multiple daily updates, New Brahmin offers quick, intelligent stories that are informative and witty. Our contributors are active in various parts of Boston’s fashion community and look to unite and inspire like-minded readers.

Boston is the intellectual hub of America, full of progressive politics and champion sports teams. It is also a city where boybanders who are 15 years past their prime receive A-List attention (I still love you, Joey McIntyre) and “no sneaker” policies are the norm at the door everywhere from shitty pubs to nightclubs. With more important distractions from business, academics, and athletics, this is a city that has little time to care about style.

Looking at the sea of Red Sox caps, college sweatshirts, and blue oxford shirts that flood its streets, Boston appears as a blip on the style radar. However, there is a flourishing community of forward-thinking individuals who are providing influence for a more stylish Boston. Artists, designers, retailers, and the like are inspiring how we dress. The tweedy image of the Boston Brahmin is both dated and inaccurate. Now is the time of the New Brahmin.

New Brahmin is not a singular style. There is no dress code, uniform, or walk of life that illustrates a New Brahmin. It’s not a matter of the clothes or where they come from, it’s how they are worn. The attitude, the connotation, the appropriateness (or inappropriateness, if you will) all adds to the equation. It is not something that can be purchased. Style is innate, and New Brahmin is home to such style in Boston. We are here to connect the stylish and promote the cause throughout our city.

Liana Peterson
Founder, Publisher, Executive Editor