Liana Krupp | Founder & Executive Editor

Liana lives in the South End and is a freelance writer and stylist who has worked for Interview, The Wall Street Journal and Stuff Boston. She moved to Boston in 2005 and started New Brahmin in hopes to give daily insight on the growing scenes around the Boston area that thrives on fashion, beauty and style. Liana's biggest fears include ladders and alien abduction.

Janine Stafford | Features Editor

Janine has lived in Massachusetts her whole life. Often found daydreaming, she thrives on creating images, posts and teams who inspire her and NB readers alike. She has worked for local publications such as Fashion Boston, Improper Bostonian and Stuff as well as W

Jeannie Vincent | Beauty Editor

Jeannie has lived in Boston for eight years and works as a freelance makeup artist. Her incredible knack for beauty (and her outrageous product collection/knowledge) help New Brahmin to make and keep Boston pretty. If she's not going through her friends' medicine cabinets throwing out "unacceptable" products, she's teaching her clients how to perfect their makeup looks. Jeannie enjoys talking to strangers, hoarding music, and passing GO to collect two hundred dollars.

Cal Topper | Mens Editor

Cal Topper is an ambiguous man's man. His personal philosophy is that style is not about straight or gay and that every man should have a good pair of boots. He has lived in Boston for 6 years now and boasts that he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. He brings a much needed insight into men’s wear to New Brahmin. Because he is originally from Texas, he is a connoisseur of anything and everything fried.

Jessica Sutton | Web Mistress

Jessica runs her own graphic design studio in Boston's Fort Point and is the resident web guru for New Brahmin. Besides coffee, what keeps her going is a constant stream of inspiration in the form of everything from fashion, design and photography, to yoga. She has lived in Boston for ten years and is currently residing in the South End.


Editorial Contributors

Founding Contributors: Lauryn Joseph and Callista Wilson

Meggie Sullivan

Meggie grew up in Tenafly, New Jersey and has been living in Boston for the past five years after an educational gig at Boston College. After a study in Music and English and competitive running, she realized she wanted to interview the most fascinating people in Boston who are causing the tides to change. Exposing others' passions is her passion, along with photographing her subjects. Meggie has worked with Spirited Magazine, Boston Magazine, The Boston Symphony Orchestra, and interior designer Jane Miller of J.E.M. Her favorite parts about Boston are Michael Krupp's entrances into Area Four, the Celtics, and its proximity to coastal Maine. She is a consistent Gemini.

Sean William Donovan

Born and raised in Western Mass, Sean is far from the typical farmer - posted up in Back Bay, he is an inspiring interior architect. A man about town, he is often seen walking down Newbury Street or through the South End in bright slacks and his trusted Barbour. Sean hopes to shed light on Boston design and Men's style around the Hub - beware, you don't want to be a 'Boston MOment!'  

Justin Reis

Justin splits his time between freelance fashion gigs in both Boston & NYC, editing Emerson's em Magazine, managing Sells & Co's new traveling pop-up, and trying to make it to as many of Boston's new restaurants and hot-spots as possible.  He is an avid fan of Dries Van Noten, adores Diana Vreeland, and thinks that there is no excuse for a lack of style.

Allie Landry

Allie Landry is Mass-hole, born and bred. Some of her favorite things are her cat (Milk), her dog (Banjo), very long walks (beach optional), The Smiths, ice cream of all flavors, and Wet Hot American Summer. She spends her free time looking at old pictures, coloring inside the lines, making collages, lusting after Jack White, and trying to dispel the myth of the "manic-pixie-dream-girl". Always an antsy little thing, she's been a bit of a nomad since her first adventure outside of the Bay State while in college. But this prodigal daughter returned home after rambling up and down the east coast-- and hasn't been able to sit still since.

Christen Mitchell

Christen is a wardrobe stylist and jewelry designer whos personal style airs on the side of "West Coast Hippie Rocker". She believes there is a place for every odd trend and always someone to wear it. She operates on the philosophy that anything can be worn successful when worn with confidence. Make her a macaroni necklace and she'll show you how to wear it.


Creative Contibutors

Callista Wilson | Stylist

Callista Wilson claims to have lived in Boston less than a decade, but more than an eon. She is a successful fashion stylist who currently resides in Magoun Square, Sommerville. She brings to New Brahmin a refined sense of style and prospective that is difficult to find. Her most ridiculous fear is being sucked into an elevator shaft, but luckily we don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

Glen Velez | Hair & Makeup

Glen Velez has been expressing his creativity as a make-up artist for the past sixteen years and began his career while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He is as inspired by the palette of the city streets as he is by the colors of nature and enjoys finding beauty in the unexpected. On his off time he enjoys shopping for vintage lunch boxes, spoiling his pet chihuahua Clover, and idolizing Iris Apfel.

Jennifer Bodnar | Photography

Jennifer grew up in a small house in the woods in south east Massachusetts. She rode horses bareback through the cranberry bogs for fun and caused trouble with the neighbor boys. Always an artist at heart, she started taking pictures when she was 16. She spent endless hours locked away in her darkroom. In 2004 she took the plunge and moved to Boston . There she discovered her second love, fashion. The shapes, the textures, the colors, she became absorbed in the beauty of it all. Although she is still learning to like vegetables, she is now happily making her living as a fashion photographer.

Gillian Bowling | Photography

Gillian Bowling is a voyeur. Her photography captures life as it is - in it’s raw state. Wherever she is at the moment, Gillian is capturing the truth of what is happening, whether in the woods or at a party.

Adrienne Berlin | Photography

Adrienne Berlin grew up in the Boston area and now calls South Boston home. A self proclaimed fashion addict, Adrienne has worked for Nemian Marcus, Barneys New York and most recently as women's buyer at The Achilles Project. She has attended The School of Fashion Design and The New England School of Photography. She lives her life by the three G's: Goth, Glam and Grunge

Dasha Hanson, Shadowblade Inc. | Hair

At the ripe at of 21, Dasha has been working among the top stylists on Newbury Street for almost four years. Growing up in a salon has allowed her to become the stylist she is now. She's climbing the ladder to the top and her fresh, innovative work will surely stand out from the crowd

Soona Lee | Photography

Soona moved to the US from Korea in 2002 and has took up photography as an extension of her interest in fashion. Her sixth sense for style has made her not only one of Boston's young style icons but has allowed her to explore the world of fashion on both sides of the lens. 

Kathryn Elyse Rodgers | Illustration

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Kathryn is the mind and movement behind PAPERFASHION. She has a B.F.A. in Industrial Design and after pursuing fashion and apparel design on her own, she realized it was her true passion. She currently works as an apparel designer for Reebok in Boston. Kathryn devotes the majority of her spare time to create fashion illustrations for PAPERFASHION.

Sarah Winchester | Photographer

Bio coming soon...

Timothy Robishaw | Hair & Makeup

Tim has been a styling on prestigious Newbury Street since the beginning of his career.  He knows the tastes and passions of what makes Boston so unique. He takes an artists approach during photo shoots to make sure hair and make-up portray the story of the shot. Tim currently works at Jeffrey Lyle Salon in Boston.

Rose Fortuna | Makeup

Rose Fortuna is a freelance make up artist in Boston. After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art, she found passion within the beauty industry and found her creative calling. She focuses on building relationships with her clients and provides education as well as applies flawless make up. Rose caters to all genres of make up artistry and design. From fashion shows, weddings, corrective and theatrical make up, private lessons and editorial photo shoots…Rose knows.

Chris Churchill | Photographer

Pennsylvania native Chris Churchill lives in Amesbury with his pregnant wife and daughter.  He is currently accepting baby name suggestions for daughter #2 who is due any day now!  He has been taking pictures since high school.

Kacie Corbell | Hair & Makeup

Kacie Corbelle is an accomplished and creative makeup artist and hair stylist with over 11 years experience in the field. Her passion is exploring art through the human canvas, the face, deriving inspiration from all aspects of life.

Jackie Puwalski | Photographer

Bio coming soon...

Cynthia August | Stylist

Bio coming soon...

Jacqueline Earhart | Photographer

Bio coming soon...

Blake Galway | Hair

Bio coming soon....

Ryuji Suzuki, BEAUPIX Studio | Photographer

Bio coming soon...

Justin Robey | Hair

Bio coming soon...

Natalia Borecka | Photographer

Bio coming soon...