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Boston is the intellectual hub of America, full of progressive politics and champion sports teams. It’s also a city where boybanders who are 15 years past their prime receive A-List attention (I still love you Joey McIntyre) and “no sneaker” policies are the norm at the door at everything from shitty pubs to nightclubs. With more important distractions from business, academics and athletics, this is a city that has little time to care about style.

With the sea of Red sox caps, college sweatshirts and blue oxford shirts that flood its streets, Boston is a blip on the style map. However, there is a flourishing community of forward thinking individuals who are providing influence for a more stylish Boston. Artists, designers, retailers and the like are inspiring how we dress. The tweedy image of the Boston Brahmin is both dated and inaccurate. Now is the time of the New Brahmin.

New Brahmin is not a distinct style. There is no formal dress code, uniform or walk of life that illustrates a New Brahmin. You cannot put your finger on it because New Brahmin is distinctive style. It’s not a matter of the clothes or where they’re from, it’s how they are worn. The attitude, the connotation, the appropriateness (or inappropriateness, if you will) all adds to the equation. It’s not something that can be purchased. Style is innate. And this is home to such style in Boston.

Here at New Brahmin, you can see how style is broken down and where you can find the right elements to create your own right in town. We’ll let you know where the sales are happening, if there’s a good shipment to our favorite off-price retailers, brands you should check out, who’s wearing what to where, lots of trend talk and some history lessons. We might get a little bitchy from time to time when we see flip flops in the winter or other major “don’ts” that the general public continues to offend us with, but it’s all in good fun and hopefully someone out there will learn something. New Brahmin is here to unite the stylish and promote the cause throughout Boston.

Liana Peterson
Founder, Publisher, Executive Editor

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about us


New Brahmin creates a much-needed home for fashion, style and shopping news in the Boston area. With multiple daily updates, New Brahmin promises to offer quick, intelligent stories that are informative, witty and occasionally bitchy (hey, it comes with the territory). Its contributors are active in various parts of Boston’s fashion community and look to unite and inspire like-minded readers.

Liana Peterson Liana Peterson went to a boardwalk psychic when she was 13. “Madame Lilly”, as she was called, told the girl from a little beach town in New Jersey that her career path would be in design and entertainment. Four years later, Liana found herself in the throws of the fashion world in New York City while at college.  She quickly learned how much it takes to keep up with fashion (in both dollars and energy) and developed a relatively jaded view of the industry. Not wanting to partake in the overly superficial, Liana focused her energies on style over fashion, creating opportunities for herself as a stylist, brand advisor and media strategist. Somewhere along the line, she met a boy at a sneaker store, whom she moved to Boston with 3 years ago. Working in the relatively microscopic fashion community that Boston has to offer, Liana realized that she could combine her love of style with her eagerness to promote Boston as a sartorial city and created New Brahmin. Perhaps Madame Lilly’s prediction has finally materialized.

Lauryn Joseph Great Auntie Edna (that's right, red lipstick wearing, different scarf for every day “Ant Edn-er”) always told Lauryn she would grow up to look like the models in W magazine.  While sadly puberty was never factored into this equation, Lauryn still knows how to look like a million bucks…sans model salary.  Proudly born and raised in Boston, Lauryn caught that travel bug, forcing her to find where comfort meets chic as she flew, boated, and overnight-trained around the world and back again.  This self aware, light hearted style has traveled back to Boston with her, giving her a look that can go from Boston to Paris, shopping with mom to her desk at Team, where she reps some of Boston's most talented stylists and hair & makeup artists. Even though she's paid to study the latest styles and trends, keeping her finger on the pulse of the Boston fashion world, her personal fashion is rarely a tear from Vogue.  Friends say she literally walks into a store and heads straight to the ugliest thing she can find...and yet somehow goes home and makes it work.  While her involvement in the industry may make her fad-savvy, she is no prissy miss.  On her ideal day, you can find Lauryn drinking beers, watching the game in ripped jeans and her favorite jersey...with scarf to match, of course.

Callista Wilson As a child growing up in Columbus, Oh, Callista’s interests usually leaned towards the destructive. When she wasn’t cutting up her clothes, painting on her mother’s lampshades or stealing her friends’ Barbie dolls, she could usually be found trying to pin down the neighbor boy and kiss him. She relocated to the Boston area in 1999, and has never looked back. Her favorite activities are fine dining, bringing picnics to the beach, scouring thrift stores and flea markets and hanging out with her mustachioed boyfriend. She dislikes shark attacks and visits to the dentist. She got into styling after hearing another stylist speak at a fashion show. “I’m so happy to be doing something I love,” she says, “I feel like I have been doing this all my life, only now it pays the bills”.

Jeannie Vincent  Jeannie has had her nose buried in fashion magazines for as long as she can remember, always especially fond of beauty bits. Growing up in South Florida with her diamond-dealing knockout of a mother, she was exposed to a life of sparkle and glamour from a very young age. Orchestrating lavish makeover parties as a kid, she always suspected that a life applying lipstick and lashes would never get boring. Drawn to New England for its crisp change of seasons and conservative cool sensibility, she has called Boston home for five years. She works as a makeup artist both on a freelance and retail basis, and has spent the past few years figuring out not only what women want but how to give it to them. Savvy shopper and ingredients snob, Jeannie shamefully admits to auditing the contents of a friend's medicine cabinet after being invited in for a party on more than one occasion. She lives in a dream world where the beauty she creates can actually grace the glossy pages of her beloved magazines, and is having a brilliant time watching those dreams come true.

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Contributions (photos, tips, etc.) New Brahmin relies on emails from readers to continue to paint an accurate description of shopping, style and fashion in Boston. We're psyched when we get reliable tips about sales and great finds as well as photos of potential New Brahmins and fashion disasters alike. Anonymity will be assumed and protected. Reader tips can be emailed to and reader photos can be emailed to When you email us a tip or photo, the correspondence becomes the property of New Brahmin and we reserve the right to print it as content at our discretion unless otherwise specified. If you are submitting a photo that you do not own the rights to, please indicate this in your email, along with the content owner for proper credit. All images that appear on New Brahmin are property of New Brahmin, except where noted. Photos may be reporduced online only, provided that a hyperlinked photocredit to New Brahmin is present.

Press Inquiries and Submissions Requests for comments, interviews and/or appearances from members of the media should be directed to Liana Peterson at If you are a store owner, designer, brand manager or other public/press representative and wish to submit material for editorial consideration, please send your pitch to Liana at the above address.

Disclaimer New Brahmin reports accurately factual information as well as rumors, conjecture and opinions. We do not guarantee, and no reliance should be placed upon, the correctness of reliability of New Brahmin. Further, links to and quotation of material from other sites are not the responsibility of New Brahmin. We will correct all factual inaccuracies brought to our attention.

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zip codes do not dictate style
Because of its close proximity to one of the fashion capitals of the world, Boston tends to live in the shadows of style. We are not New York and will never be New York. There is no need for comparisons. Embrace what Boston has to offer.

money buys clothes, not style
A designer-filled closet does not make for true style. How we dress should be a reflection of personality and interests. Do not allow yourself to be dictated to by retailers and their slick advertising. Do you, not the labels you wear.

inspire and challenge
Bring it - have confidence in what you wear because it will only make you look better. The effect is contagious (“If she can do it, I can do it”). Step it up – let the naysayers prove themselves by dressing the part. The world would be a more stylish place if cattiness were kept to the catwalk.

See something you like on someone else? Say something. Compliments and questions are not only a great ice breaker (and even better for your karma), they can teach you a think or two about your own style.

there are no rules
Don’t play someone else’s game. Throw out everything you were ever told you can’t do. OK, sometimes mixing stripes and plaids goes horribly wrong or wearing white after Labor Day is a bad idea. Know your strengths and limitations. And please, don’t ever be afraid to try at least once.

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Extensive shoplists with GoogleMaps for Boston's best shopping destinations

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