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 Emma meets Clueless for filmmaker R.J Cutler, our favorite 90s starlette returns, Kors triumphs, H & M conjures high end arena, and Franca Sozzini will be speaking at Harvard University about body image on April 2. All this and more....


Fiona Apple makes a return to the stage,  she "loves us" she really does! NYTimes

Michael Kor's brand value sets the golden benchmark. WWD

A featured collection of music artists that drop designer names in their lyrics and beyond. WWD

R.J Cutler of The September Issue is said to create another fashion oriented film. Fashionista

Will H & M open a luxury brand? Huffington Post

"Tastemaking" goes viral. Financial Times

AnnaSophia Robb will play Carrie Bradshaw's younger self in the SATC prequel. Vogue

"Do women have to be naked to get into the MET?" Meet the Guerilla Girls... Interview Magazine

Franca Sozzani prepares to speak on a difficult topic at Harvard University. Vogue UK



The Future of Japanese Fashion

At the end of the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Art's "Icons of Style" exhibit, there was one gallery that was not directly part of the show. And it was mind blowing. The museum hosted the winners of a nation-wide fashion design contest (the name of which I did not catch at the time, although I've been referring to it as "Design Japan") and there just aren't enough words to explain it. Which is a good thing so you don't have to waste your time listening to me go on and on about it and just look at some pictures from the exhibit...

All images by LPK


Daily D's

We'll make this one quick, it's beautiful out, the weekend has arrived, and I know it's been a long one for all of us. So, read on with your iced coffee in hand and find out what headlines piqued our interest...
Abercrombie and Fitch will take down non-affiliated outlet store that uses the "N" word to describe pants. Fashionista
ZARA attempts to go global, to China.  The Economist
Lululemon Athletica's success due to  limited style quantities and customer feedback. WSJ
Stella's response to the critics of her Olympic designs. NY Mag
Kim Kardashian was flour bombed and totally okay with it. Why not glitter bombed? Styleite
Alexander McQueen to sell a spitting image of Pippa's Royal Wedding Dress. Refinery 29
Rag and Bone receives a new head of communications, and a slew of other career moves. Fashion Week Daily
Lancome will be released a new "miracle cream" that made of rose stem cells.  WWD

Daily D's

My first order of business for all our readers is to start reading Karl Lagerfeld's blog. Why? Because a day of Karl's honest musings (I promise) will make you laugh and feel good about your humble self.   My other opinion from this line-up is that the Cut Blog should have it's own reality TV show, because who doesn't want to watch 5 inch heels and dye- treated hair figurines scurry about an office yelling, "What if Karl started a beer line? K. Lager?!", "But I think in this photo Madonna revealed some nip!", "Yes, but, Franca Sozzini is so genius!" . Read more below and decide for yourself... 


Frank Conforti is the new man at Urban Outfitters. WWD 

"I hate rice", says Karl Lagerfeld on his visit to Japan. WWD

Stella McCartney reveals Great Britain's official uniforms the London 2012 Olympics. BBC

Fashon photographer, Herb Ritts, featured at the Getty Museum after his passing. NYTimes

Vogue Netherlands reveals what's in the pages after it's launch two days ago.  Fashin

The skirt is seen as "the new hot toy in fashion".  NYTimes

Cat Blanchett flawlessly featured on the cover of "The Economist", she's too good for photo shop. Racked

Dammit, I thought I'd personally banned artifical tanning. Thinking it over..  NY Mag

Pump up with bold, colors, and patterns. Spring heights!  NYTimes


Live From Nagoya: MFA Boston's Icons of Style

OK, the title is a bit of a lie since this happened a week ago and I'm only finding the time to post now after meeting Murakami, visiting Noguchi's Japanese studio, traveling to one of the most beautiful places on the planet and just now finding myself in Kyoto paying 42 yen/minute for internet connection in my hotel room, jamming out to J-Pop R&B. But that's all besides the point.

Last Thursday, the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Art opened the Icons of Style exhibit, or as it's translated in Japanese "What's an Icon of Style?". The exhibit features 156 pieces of clothing, photography and illustrations from the MFA's textile and fashion arts archive. While there was very little I had not seen back in Boston as far as clothing goes, there were plenty of incredible works of illustration and fashion photography that I've never experienced in such a way before.

Curator Lauren Whitley executed the show with four complimentary elements: Creation (Art of the Designer), Collaboration (The Icon-Designer Collaboration, i.e. celebrities and designers like Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy, Lagerfeld and Winona Ryder, and a dress designed for Princess Diana by Japanese designer Yuki), The Art of Fashion Illustration (A Brief History, featuring the likes of Kenneth Paul Block, images from Gazette du Bon Ton circa 1914-1922 and several designer sketches) and The Art of Fashion Photography (featuring Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon, just to mention a few). The blend of designer vision and execution followed by the translation of clothing through the eyes of photographers and celebrities speak volumes about how fashion is perceived. While the show is only running in Nagoya, here's a little flavor of the exhibit.


1. Sketch and gown - Olivier Theyskens for Rochas 

2. Versace Dress, Back View, El Mirage - Herb Ritts

3. Azzedine Alaia

4. Variety of mid-20th Century illustrations

5. Sketches, gown and the man himself with curator Lauren Whitley - Yuki [ed. note - this dress is Yuki's claim to fame]

6. Variety of Kenneth Paul Block illustrations

7. Gown and dress - Christian Lacroix for Jean Patou

8. Paula Gellibrand, Marquise de Casa Maury - Cecil Beaton

9. Audrey Hepburn in Costume From "Breakfast at Tiffanys" - Kenneth Paul Block

10. Rodarte, Alexander McQueen for Givenchy, Helmut Lang mens, Helmut Lang womens, Yojhi Yammamoto, Chanel

Bottom image from Nagoya/Boston MFA; all other images by LPK

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