Petal Pushers


There’s no doubt bold bottoms are everywhere this season. And while neon and bright colored denim seems to be getting a lot of attention (yeah, we get it, you're wearing highlighter colored pants) perhaps we should show a little more love to this budding underdog.
Let’s talk prints. Yes my friends, floral prints for your pretty little stems! It’s probably no big surprise that florals were all over the Spring runways (are we still calling floral in spring a trend?) But there seems to be something special about floral denim. It feels so fresh and a little bit more cool than your average rose print sweetheart dress (especially if your legs just aren’t ready for that big reveal after the long New England winter). Here are my picks below: 

One: Citizens of Humanity 'Mandy'. I love these for their boyfriend fit, but girly print.

Two: Textile Elizabeth and James 'Deb' in Kaleidoscope. Not a traditional floral.

Three: 7 for All Mankind 'Second Skin Legging' in Kauai. These are just darling! I have visions of these jeans with an oversized grey tee.

Four: Paige 'Skyline' in Floral. Great neutral colors that could carry you through fall.

Regardless of whether you toughen up your floral with a cropped leather jacket and slouchy tee or embrace the feminitity of flowers with a light weight sweater, these jeans will become a Spring staple. Still not sure? Don't worry, we think they will grow on you.


Daily D's

Everyone is one big happy family in the retail world recently. Collaborations, expansions, and "face branding" (I just made that up) are trending. Popular persons, bloggers, and designers have stores proposing synergy in order to make them multi-dimensional. This shift in shopping is really a nice reflection however on our time - brands want to be intimate, accessible, relatable as they connect with larger familiar faces. Thankfully, an option like Kim Kardashian has already been exhausted by Sears. More after the jump....
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Diane von Furstenberg and her creative director, Yvan Mispelaere in candid conversation. Financial Times
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Macy's collaborates will Calvin Klein and Francisca Costa with "Brasilian" flair. Gwenyth cape dress meets florals? Fashionista
Anhropologie debuts new collaboration mission with fashion designers, "Made in Kind" Huff Post

Getting To Know: Holly Penikas

Before Twilight sagas and weird vampire television series, Holly Penikas was defining “fairytale sexy”. With her sharp platinum blonde locks, nymph-like features, and whimsy modern style, Holly is easy to spot. Recently, her enthusiasm for personal style brought her to join forces with the online fashion startup, Zoora (pronounced zoh-rah). Founded by ex-financier Aubrie Pagano, Holly is a brand strategist on their small team. The website is an opportunity for people like you and I who obsess over fit and quality of clothing to partner with a local designer, fabricating a custom piece. With designers like Emily Muller, Adolfo Sanchez, K. Hendrix, or Nirva, the list is impressive even in its infancy. Holly also works full time at Mass General Hospital in communications and patient relations. Not to forget, she hosts her popular blog Her full agenda starts every morning with a 5:30am alarm clock call and a can of Red Bull.

“I grew up in a small town in southern Ohio, Dayton surrounded by cornfields”, she informed me, “ after checking out Boston College for school I vowed I would return”. In order to hear her words over Third Eye Blind in the background I pushed myself awkwardly close. Holly has her own signature accent, gentle with near perfect annunciation—it’s an arpeggio of a whisper. ‘Twilight’ certainly missed her at casting. After a two- year stint at Miami of Ohio University, she finished at Emerson College in writing, literature, and publishing. Post graduation she worked at the famed James Joseph salon. Still dabbling at salons she can be found at Bradley and Diegel, where her boyfriend Greg also works.

The two are their own creative fuels. Greg’s style is stamped as post-apocalyptic Gothic, he listens to ‘Witch Haus’, and most always has a camera with him (a hobby he developed from photographing Holly so much for the blog). Taking her fake lip ring out, she explains how the two met at a party where his collection of children’s book illustrations, records, and a large plastic light-up Dracula statue of Bela Lugosi immediately caught her attention. Since, they’ve been dating for six years. I expected him even at the interview, as the two are inseparable.

Holly’s style comes from an original place, as she merely plays a part with each ensemble. “I used to show up to class one day in head to toe pink, with ruffles, lace, the next day I’d show up in camo pants and knock-off Manolo Blahnik Timberlands”. Yes, I googled the shoes. Her peers at school were baffled but after the move to Boston the freedom presented itself as she found a balance and definition to it all.

As she most eloquently put it, “[My style is] for my self, a lot of it.”

"Everyone has body image issues. I’d love to be tall and skinny but there are other  things about my look that I don’t have control over. I used to get hung up on those things. It is easier to look at it, like, what can I do with this? How can I make this interesting to look at? Interesting gets the same reactions as beautiful. For a lot of people it’s the same thing."

It’s hard to hear her words when clearly she is a stunning woman yet, her thoughts relate with all of us. She tweaks the “born this way” philosophy to her genius liking.

It is obvious that is her custom fit of a career. Allowing each of us to express our fashion affections to our own perfections and imperfections alike, the service connects us to designers who will embrace each of our qualities. Holly plans on staying in Boston, “I have more time here, more to do”, she explains. As style is her muse, so is her custom fit of a future.



Spotlight Intro: Counterpoint

With the shift of each season comes the question of what fashion mask to put on next. Will I be sporty this season, or more subdued? Pastels or paillettes? The options are generally endless and this Spring is no exception. In response, stylists Justin Reis and Christen Mitchell faced off with an interpretation of this season's strongest trends. Pastels, fringe, tribal patterns, sportswear, the new work wardrobe, and an under the sea influence were the trends our stylists took to the trenches. After the style off, Justin and Christen waived their white flags and sat down to discuss their take on Spring's trends and the state of Boston fashion. Check out their thoughts after the jump.


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Daily D's

Not too much going on in the world of fashion today. However, when life gets dull, Iris Apfel always seems to step in and say something saucy. Check out what's been all the rage over the weekend...

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