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Everyone is one big happy family in the retail world recently. Collaborations, expansions, and "face branding" (I just made that up) are trending. Popular persons, bloggers, and designers have stores proposing synergy in order to make them multi-dimensional. This shift in shopping is really a nice reflection however on our time - brands want to be intimate, accessible, relatable as they connect with larger familiar faces. Thankfully, an option like Kim Kardashian has already been exhausted by Sears. More after the jump....
Men's fashion is increasingly turning to tailored looks that are nostalgic of British custom houses, like Savile Row. WSJ
Marc Jacobs is slated to start his own makeup line. Glitter predictions?  NY Mag
Finally, an heiress with a cause - a profile on Amanda Hearst and her puppies. NYTimes
Overjoyed that I can now shop the closet of Man Repeller. Beta Beat     
Diane von Furstenberg and her creative director, Yvan Mispelaere in candid conversation. Financial Times
When the cameras are on, celebrities rely on a quality foundation to hide each flaw. NYTimes
Macy's collaborates will Calvin Klein and Francisca Costa with "Brasilian" flair. Gwenyth cape dress meets florals? Fashionista
Anhropologie debuts new collaboration mission with fashion designers, "Made in Kind" Huff Post

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