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Four Years, New Beginnings

One thousand four hunderd sixty days (or so) and two thousand seven hundred ninety posts ago, New Brahmin came into this world. You all know the story. Four years ago, no one was writing about Boston fashion/shopping/style/beauty/etc on a daily basis. With the exception of what I like to call the fairy godmothers of Boston style blogging, Punky and Martini, there was very little available online for someone interested in the hidden gems and pockets of style around our fair city, whether in terms of what/where to shop or who was making shit happen.

In the four years since New Brahmin began, the fashion and beauty community in Boston has grown exponentially, both online and in real life. Some are remarkable, others, not so much. Some are finding their ways into print writing and styling from blogging while stylists and writers are finding their way in to the digital world. There is a certain clout (and I'm not talking Klout scores) that comes with working in "fashion" for better or worse, depending on your interpretation. There's an increasing hustle for self-promotion, appearances at events and real-life notoriety. It takes a lot of time and work to stay relevant when you're not perched behind a keyboard.

First and foremost, New Brahmin has always been a mixed community of fashion and beauty professionals and emerging talent sharing insight on what happens in and around Boston. In some capacity or another, we are all working creatives. New Brahmin has opened so many doors not just for myself but for NB's contributors. So much so, that with a heavy heart, Janine and I have decided that it was not fair to our readers, ourselves and the New Brahmin brand to keep moving the blog forward in a half-assed way for the time being. Time being the optimal word since many of us don't have much of it lately. We've had to make a hard decision. After much contemplation, it is time that we put this blog to bed. 

Alas, this is not the end of New Brahmin. We are about to embark on an unknown series of events that we hope you will continue to join us for. The orginal thought behind NB was to shine light on the stylish and creative people doing their thing in Boston, making it a better place. After reporting on what's happening for years, it's time to stop talking and start doing. What does that mean? Who knows! What it doesn't mean though is another sad-sack fashion show or shopping party where no shopping goes on and open bars don't open wallets (not that there's anything wrong with open bars...).

We will proudly continue our current endeavors with the Spreedia + New Brahmin Access card and Karmaloop + New Brahmin Beauty School and other fun projects with local businesses that are in the pipeline. The blog will exist as an archive to our work and a time capsule of how far Boston has grown since 2008. We'll probably roll out a tumblr soon enough as we create more and more things for our beloved community to experience and keep you abreast of what's up. And who knows, I may end up needing to post Daily D's (historically, the most popular regular feature) once I get my schedule in order because, with the exception of the past month (in which Meggie has done a fantastic job filling in), I've been doing them almost every day since we began and it's a part of my daily internet routine. Plus, you can still catch us on FB & Twitter, where we'll continue to post about worthy events, sales, projects and ideas. Consider this an indefinite hiatus for the blog element of New Brahmin, not a permanent closure.

That being said, get out there, create, share and support this incredible local community that we've been so lucky to be a part of and nurture and we'll continue to do the same. Stay real.

On behalf of Janine and the entire extended NB family,



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