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Daily D's

My first order of business for all our readers is to start reading Karl Lagerfeld's blog. Why? Because a day of Karl's honest musings (I promise) will make you laugh and feel good about your humble self.   My other opinion from this line-up is that the Cut Blog should have it's own reality TV show, because who doesn't want to watch 5 inch heels and dye- treated hair figurines scurry about an office yelling, "What if Karl started a beer line? K. Lager?!", "But I think in this photo Madonna revealed some nip!", "Yes, but, Franca Sozzini is so genius!" . Read more below and decide for yourself... 


Frank Conforti is the new man at Urban Outfitters. WWD 

"I hate rice", says Karl Lagerfeld on his visit to Japan. WWD

Stella McCartney reveals Great Britain's official uniforms the London 2012 Olympics. BBC

Fashon photographer, Herb Ritts, featured at the Getty Museum after his passing. NYTimes

Vogue Netherlands reveals what's in the pages after it's launch two days ago.  Fashin

The skirt is seen as "the new hot toy in fashion".  NYTimes

Cat Blanchett flawlessly featured on the cover of "The Economist", she's too good for photo shop. Racked

Dammit, I thought I'd personally banned artifical tanning. Thinking it over..  NY Mag

Pump up with bold, colors, and patterns. Spring heights!  NYTimes

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