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New Years Resolutions: Amanda Williams & Amanda "Redbird" Dugay Forrester


Here's what Amanda Williams and Ms Redbird are hoping to resolve in 2012:

Amanda's Resolutions:

1) Send more snail mail. I have a new found love for making and sending cards. My grandma is awesome at this. She remembers everyone's birthday and she sends them all cards. I can only aspire to be like her someday

2) Make more art! I do make art, but I want to make more! I have so many ideas (some good, some bad) floating around in my head and they need to escape!

3) See more local live music... because every time I do I thoroughly enjoy it.

4) Exercise one day a week. This seems like a reasonable (if not totally pathetic) goal. However, if the past is any indication, I am very unlikely to meet it. I am a terrible exerciser. I should really try harder though, because it would be a good habit to pick up.

5) Get married without losing my head. My boyfriend of six years recently proposed, so 2012 will be year of the wedding, which is super exciting, and kind of stressful, but mostly really really happy.


Redbird's Resolutions: 

1) Cook & entertain at home more often

2) Find a new studio space to make my hats in

3) Continue to dance like a maniac whenever possible

4) Accept change in a calm manner

5) Fall in love

6) Travel! First trip to San Francisco (ever) to go vintage shopping is in the works for this spring

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