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Holiday Madness: The Amandas From Artifaktori


Amandas are the new Jessicas (and Christines are quickly becoming the new Amandas, but that's another story). Amanda Williams is a Somerville-based designer, illustrator and graphic designer and Amanda "Redbird" Dugay Forrester is a Cambridge-based designer & style blogger. They make up 2/3rds of the Amandas from one of our favorite vintage haunts, Artifaktori (d.Ama makes for three!). See what's on their list this Christmas!

Amanda's Wishlist

1. Preloved Long Miss Ellie sweater from Artifaktori Vintage: They are so cozy and beautiful, not to mention handmade, recycled, and available at our very favorite Boston shop.  I think I would live in one of these all winter.

2. Pretty paper from Artist & Craftsman Supply in Cambridge: Because I love art supplies and I love this art store.  Ok, confession, I love any art store, but this one is particularly awesome.  They have a fantastic selection and the staff is both knowledgeable and friendly (you usually find either/or).  They have an amazing wall of colorful handmade paper in the back that I ogle every time.  I’m a sucker for rich pigment and pattern, especially when there is texture and metallic glint thrown in here or there.  And if you really want to put icing on the cake, grab me some mini rubber animals from the bins in front... don’t know why, but I cant help but pick one or two up each time I’m in there... I now have a miniature zoo brewing in my old letterpress trays....

3. Local art! Yay for artists and an extra yay for local artists!  Although often overlooked, art makes a great gift, and most artists are thrilled to be contacted by someone looking for something extra special to give.  There are so many artists I adore in the Boston area, but there are three in particular that come to mind.  I would be thrilled to find any of their work under my Christmas tree:

Julia Denos (pictured) makes the most wonderfully whimsical illustrations for children's books that she has recently begun to apply to lines of greeting cards and prints.  I have her favorite dress print next to my closet and I love it.  Just looking at any of her work makes me happy.

Rachel Jackson is an old friend whom I have had the pleasure of knowing as her work has grown from stunningly beautiful to insanely gorgeous.  She creates the most intensely emotional and colorful abstract paintings/prints that I just want to climb into curl up inside.  That sounds crazy, but take a look at her work and you will know what I mean.

Dan Blakeslee is an all around rad guy who not only is a talented musician well known in the Boston scene, but is also quite an accomplished artist.  He makes super cool posters for almost every gig he plays and I fall in love with every single one.  He uses this funky woodblock style to illustrate images that are almost always both haunting and humorous.  I am always excited to see what he comes up with next.

For Redbird:

A membership to the MFA: We originally bonded over art, fashion and creativity, and I know she would use it.  There are so many wonderful exhibits they have right now that would inspire her (Degas nudes...vintage jewelry...WWII style) plus its always just fun to hang around and soak up the museum atmosphere.  I always feel more calm and centered after time at the MFA.


Redbird's Wishlist

1. Neckwear! Lilian Asterfield Lace Ruffle Scarf: It's stylish, I love refashioned items, and I can wear with it anything, plus it's one of a kind & I'm really into men's ties.  I love to incorporate menswear into many of my girly looks and this piece would do that perfectly.  I love everything Nicole Deponte makes!

2. Bling! Scout by Amanda Williams Bygone Button Cluster Necklace: I love things made by local artists, & I'm obsessed with old buttons & anything metallic, plus I love Amanda!

3. Bag! Fatty Large Silver Distress Leather Pouch by Tracey Tanner (Brooklyn NY) available at Portobello Road Boutique: I would love this to dress up my everyday outfits, I'm a sucker for any kind of shiny adornments lately, and I collect assorted little bags and use them every day.

For Amanda:

Loco Lindo ‘Vintage’ 40s-style dress in 'Party Dot' from Artifaktori: So pretty!


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