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Beyond Bridal Gowns: Boston Bridal Lounge

Eleni Granas & Kerri Esposito-BruneauThere's a lot to be said about style when it comes to weddings. For many, it's an extension of a couple's tastes and personalities. Having been a bride myself recently, I can tell you that style goes far beyond what kind of dress you choose. Trust me, the devil is truly in the details. 

Weddings are a daunting task. While I wouldn't have done mine any other way, I always tell newly engaged couples to elope because there's just so much involved. It's really hard to figure out where to start, besides choosing an ideal date. Not everyone can have the luxury of a planner or maybe they want full control of the big day. Either way, there's finally a starting point for Boston-area brides thanks to Boston Bridal Loungue

Boston Bridal Lounge, brainchild of Eleni Garanas and Kerri Esposito-Bruneau (who met while working at Grace Ormonde Wedding Style), doesn't leave a leaf unturned for brides-to-be. OK, it's one thing to aggregate resources - I know you're thinking that you could probably just log in to The Knot or something - but here it's all about the execution of style. After the jump, get to know how Boston Bridal Lounge works (guess what, you don't need an appointment and there is no charge!) and see some of the beautiful options they have to offer in their showroom.

Boston Bridal Lounge 125 Newbury St, 2nd Floor, Back Bay 617.236.0005 

All images courtesy of Adrienne Berlin.

Our favorite table - loving the black goblets

Cake by Party Favors (my mother-in-law's favorite)

Boston Bridal Lounge is essentially a reference library, with vignettes sponsored by featured vendors in a showroom setting created to spark your ideas and a knowledgable concierge-like staff. The full-floor space is packed to the gills with tabletop ideas, cake mock-ups, registry ideas, binders full of vendor information and a kick-ass inspiration board. The categories of vendors range from the obvious (caterers, photographers, cakes, hair & makeup artists) to the little things that you could easily forget about (day-of hair extensions, cool custom-made gifts for guests), all with a variety of price ranges. I really can't emphasize how well executed this is - it's total eye candy that will truly get couples to hone in on creating a stylish wedding. It's in a similar vein as Showroom 5, offering a one-stop shop for Bostonians looking for substance with their style.

The "Inspiration Station"

Just a teeny tiny portion of the reference library

There's no need for an appointment and no charge - Boston Bridal Lounge is open Tuesday thru Friday from 11am to 7pm, and Saturdays from 11am to 6pm. For couples interested in fully embracing their services, VIP services are offered through their Couples Club, a cost of $250 per couple that offers a Russell & Hazel Wedding Planner, exclusive offers and discounts at select wedding businesses, complimentary entrance to all BBL events (upcoming events includes mother-of-the-bride Mother's Day events and same-sex ceremony planning), unlimited assistance in planning your dream wedding and concierge services.


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How do we do it? How do we, as photographers, stay ahead of the game to create the latest and greatest bridal portraits? It's not always easy being creative. After all photography is both an art and a science.

But oh how the two sides of our brain often conflict each other. That's the problem many photographers face. The science side of our brain is telling us it just can't cut it in the creative department. But don't give in to that bad science side of your brain. Science has it that anything can be taught, even CREATIVITY.
09.17.2011 | Unregistered Commenteramerican bridal
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