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Getting to Know: The Swapaholics

It's Monday night, and while most of us have a normal (as in pretty uneventful) work week ahead, Amy and Melissa are packed and ready to hop on a plane to their next swap destination: Denver, CO. Since Liana introduced their very first Boston clothing swap to New Brahmin readers, a lot have changed in these girls lives (or should I say in ours?).

The Swapaholics, their clothing/beauty/accessories/style swap brand has grown and gone national. The press portfolio (with pieces from the LA Times and USA Today) describes the 'swap 'til you drop' lifestyle as a phenom we can - and should - all get used to. But the difference between what some may still see as a 'running of the brides' type of meeting is really in the touch Amy and Melissa put on each and every one of their events. If anything, they will change the way you look at your wardrobe - and yes, your friends' as well.

After the jump, we get closer to the idea behind The Swapaholics.

Fashion junkies, Amy and Melissa will indulge in high fashion or in a simply overpriced retail item if it makes their hearts beat faster. But hunting vintage finds and recycling something in favor of the environment and community seems a lot more challenging - and fun. The foundation to The Swapaholics' clothing swaps is realistic, and if I can use a big word, revolutionary.

Being an "unofficial" swapaholic for as long as I've known these girls, I have to admit that trading clothes is just a part of the deal. The fashion advice exchange, the network of local style bloggers involved and the final charity contribution have become a ritual I can't live without. I'll buy new clothes, but there will always be a little bag in my closet slowly collecting unwanted items for their next event. Shopping is great, but swapping is cool.

Check out The Swapaholics official website for a swap calendar and the details on their Denver visit!




Reader Comments (3)

I ALWAYS have my Swapaholics clothes accruing in the corner of my bedroom just waiting for the next round! It's so much more than just "swapping" clothes - it's a great opportunity to connect with individualistic people that are unpretentious, unique, and fun! I've had a great time at all their events and always look forward to their next show! Keep up the hard work Amy and Melissa! You rock.
09.23.2010 | Unregistered CommenterAlly
These girls are amazing!
09.24.2010 | Unregistered CommenterCupcake Sean
aww, how nice is that! <3
09.27.2010 | Unregistered Commenterpunky

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