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Melissa "Campana" $79.00I never quite know how I feel about jelly sandals. On the one hand, part of me (my Id, I’m assuming) will forever be enthralled with them because they bring back happy childhood memories. As a 6 year old, there was nothing more reassuring of the fact that I really WAS a princess than slipping on a new pair of pink glitter jellies.  “I have shoes just like Cinderella!” I would say, thrusting out my tutti-frutti smelling foot to be observed and applauded by passers-by.  (I was a pretty cute kid, so I usually got the requisite, “oh-my-aren’t-those-lovely!” response I was fishing for.) Jellies may have been my earliest fashion status symbol.

Two decades later, another part of me (I’m guessing my Superego) struggles with whether or not PVC is an appropriate footwear material selection for anyone who doesn’t also consider fruit snacks to be a food group.

More on my jelly conundrum after the jump...

In their defense, modern day jellies can be very on point in terms of style. Melissa Shoes (especially their Vivienne Westwood collection) has done some pretty remarkable things with plastic shoes. They’re comfortable enough for semi-extended wear with a look brings back the feeling the feeling of princesshood from days gone by.


                                                    Melissa By Vivienne Westood "Lady Dragon" $150.00

Others, like Givenchy, are guilty of perpetrating fashion atrocities with this pliable medium.  Still others (here’s talking to you, Michael Kors and Stuart Weitzman) have just been plain lazy in their jelly production and leave rough or sharp edges that literally cut into the skin. Bleeding should not be a staple in summer footwear.


                                                                Givenchy Jelly Gladiator $230.00

And no matter how cute or not cute the style of the jelly may be, one thing that will never change is that polyvinyl chloride is a porous yet non-breathable material. With wear, your feet will sweat. That sweat will seep into the shoe.  It’s a slippery slope to “Gross Town” after that.

I’m still totally conflicted. Much of this cognitive dissonance is being caused by these super cute See by Chloe jelly sandals at Barneys. I think I really like them. But do I want them? Should I want them? Are they worth it? Should I go buy some fruit snacks…?


                                                             See by Chloe Ankle Wrap Jelly Sandal $125.00


Melissa shoes available at Nordstrom, 1455 Concord St, Framingham, MA

Givenchy and See by Chloe available at Barneys Copley Place,  100 Huntington Ave, Boston MA 


Reader Comments (2)


i just saw this article in the jc report this morning, and i thought of your article! way to be ahead of the fashion game! you totally reminded me of those fabulous melissa shoes with the heart that i totally need to wear in hot pink when i get married next year! thank you :)

05.20.2010 | Unregistered Commentersamantha chu
jcrew also has some fab jelly flip flops!
05.21.2010 | Unregistered Commenterdms

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