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The Swapaholics at Boston Fashion Week

I have to admit, this is the Fashion Week event I was most excited about. I've heard that the swaps hosted by Amy Chase and Melissa Massello are always fun and exciting.  If you're unfamiliar with the brilliance that is a clothing swap, here's the dealio. You gather up all the stuff you loved a few months ago but are now totally bored with and meet up with a bunch of women (and men) and chill while Amy and Melissa go through all the goodies and put them on clothing racks. Then you (and everyone else) makes a mad dash to grab what you want. Like the running of the bulls, it's over just a few adrenaline-soaked minutes. Unlike the running of the bulls, you get to leave with a bunch of new-to-you clothes, shoes, and accessories and hopefully a minimum of puncture wounds. 

Unlike regular swaps, this one had a blogger mixer before the swap and a fashion show featuring swap items right after.  Not to mention, Nightline was there to document the night! The blogger mixer was too much fun. Sponsors 90+ Cellars and Second Glass provided wine and snacks, while consignment shop The Closet brought a rack of special goodies for us bloggers to go through while waiting for the swap to begin.  I snagged a fur-lined mini cape that's equal parts ridiculous and adorable. So, we drank and chatted and took loads of photos of each other. At exactly 7:55 we lined up to countdown to the 8:00 pm start time. And then the madness began.

Rows and rows of clothing racks, tables of jeans, and stacks of shoes were descended upon and disappearedThe aftermath in literally, minutes. Now, I consider myself an expert shopper. I was actually bragging to another attendee that I come from the days of Downtown Crossing's Filene's Basement, where sharp elbows and quick reflexes were a prerequisite for getting your goods. But even I was in over my head. I came up with a game plan, I wore flats, and I still missed out on a gorgeous embroidered shirt that I made a beeline for. It was intense!

After we all came down from our "shopping" high, some of the bloggers from the mixer pulled together outfits from the clothes they scored during the night and shared their fashion sense in a fashion show. At the end of the night, a large group of ladies headed out for drinks and food to celebrate. I went home to play with my new goodies!

Visit the swapaholics site for more information on these awesome events, and check out the swapaholics flickr page to see more photos from last Thursday.


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yay! Thanks for coming Najeema! Hope you found some cute stuff!!
10.5.2010 | Unregistered Commenterpunky

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