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Date Night at the Garden

Dscn0711Sports is not really my thing. But I love going to home games for the Sox and the C's. Since the Celtics are all shiny and new this season, I haven't had a chance to go since the tickets I have access to have been used by actual sports fans. However, I somehow managed to get my boyfriend to take me to a game. This is going to start out as a how-to and end up on some paparazzi tip, so your patience will be rewarded.

Nothing bothers me more then when girls dress to the 9's to go to sporting events. It's one thing when you come straight from work and you're in heels and whatever level of fancy that your office requires. But I cannot understand someone who purposely wears anything other then a jersey.

Now, I don't own any sort of sports paraphenalia, so I had to improvise to show my support. First, finding the right color green (I hate seeing spectators who have on hunter green or pea green, the C's sport real green and so should you). Luckily, I have one of those "Boston" shirts from Marc Jacobs. The Abe Lincoln character could easily be Lucky the Leprauchan. Not wanting to look tomboyish, as I usually do in larger tees, I threw on some brown tights (not seen) and an old pair of cut-off chords from Gap. Top it off with a grey jacket from H&M to keep from being matchy-matchy and some fuschia flats and you have yourself a highly complimented outfit for a Celtics game (give me a few weeks and I'll show you how to think outside the box for a Red Sox game).

Anyway, after the jump, check out what celebrity couple also went on a date to the playoffs. Unfortunate for them, they were sitting courtside with the losing team.

We have a policy here at New Brahmin that we try not to comment on what celebrities wear, usually because the pictures we see are taken in NY or LA. The second they step foot in Boston though, they're free game!


It's Mr & Mrs Sean Carter! Beyonce was dripped in Chanel, huge blingy CC logo pin on her jacket. She was all over the wide leg pant trend too. Loved the hat and the peeptoe pumps. Jay kept his sunglasses on all night, rocked some sort of mafioso scarf and his wrist was iced out as usual. His Nike's looked like some sort of Air Force and the green detailing and soles (not seen in my crappy photography) seemed like they could glow in the dark.


Dorchester's very own Donnie Wahlberg was in his typical courtside seat. He was wearing Rock & Republic jeans and a C's jersey under a white dress shirt and black sports coat which were obviously unidentifiable. Also at the game were Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill (from Superbad) with Nick Swarsdon (I kept referring to him as Grandma's Boy) and local poptart, JoJo.


You have to give any girl who wears spandex as part of their job some credit. SOME credit. But I am a huge critic of the Celtics Dancer uniforms. Half the time it looks like they took a DIY class before hitting the court, with cut-up shirts (these shirts in particular, were not so bad for once). The rest of the time, they look like they're on their way to the strip club.


Even they don't know why they are wearing these out of place dresses that a slutty 16 year old would wear to her prom.


I volunteer my time to dress these poor girls next season. Half of them look super uncomfortable (in a self-conscious way) in the super belly shirt/hot short combo. And the Classic Reebok! Blech! At least they're not in their patent pleather knee high white go-go boots. Those things are particularly atrocious.

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